OccasionalCharlie has been in the hard dance scene for over 15 years where he started as a clubber at the famous Sundissential night @ Club DNA John Bright Street Birmingham when he found his love of Hard House and Dance.

For many years I was well known to most of the club scene for crazy dancing and colourful outfits seen in and around clubs across the whole of the Uk and Europe where I attended all the main Events such as the Tidy Weekenders and Pollysexual, Insomniacz and Sundissential just to name a few.

Year 2005, I moved to Cambridge where I set up a Studio and bought my 1st set of decks (Technics 1210s and from then on he began to teach myself how to Dj. After many recordings and a year down the line I started handing out mix tapes to club promoters and it was PLUG), Birmingham in 2006 where I played out to 200 people for the very 1st time and since then I have escalated beyond my dreams and played at some lucrative events and clubs around the world.

The bug for him was real and his life as a Dj started right there and from that day on, OccasionalCharlie went on to play in some of the most prestigious well known club nights in Europe including B2T @ The Q CLUB, Birmingham, Subway City Main Room , Rapture Loughbourgh, Starlite Club Leicester, Shine Birmingham and Many more.

In 2008 November I went back home to Scotland where I gained residency at Karma Nightclub for a short period of time before moving to Tenerife in May 2008 where I gained residency at Tramps Nightclub, Playa De Las Americas, La Isla (Las Americas) Bobby’s & Busby’s (Las Americas) and also went on to Play in Tunisia at Cacoon Nightclub Hammamett.

After a long Break away from Hard house I found myself back in England in 2015 where I beggn playing online live with The Kat Presents and eventually went on to start my own brand with my best mates Paul Eisenchimp and Craig Adam.

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